Working on the House Again

We are going to try to get the house ready to move in before Winter. The location is really perfect for us. It is within walking distance of my office and it is going to be easier for me to walk to work than it would be to find a parking space on many days. It is like that most days. The guy across the street is a roofing contractor in Manhattan NY and he has a lot of guys coming in and out. They always manage to snag the good spaces and it is a pain for me to find one. There are places where you can rent spaces near the office, but they are all completely unreasonable about it. You are better off walking to work if it is a possibility.

In fact I could probably rent out the extra space in my drive way for a small fortune if i wanted to do it. That would probably lead to problems as you would have other people thinking that they could park there because the guy you rented the space did. Then you end up with one idiot trying to bash some other idiot’s brain out over a parking space. It is crazy how many stories that you read in the New York times start out with simple disputes over a parking space, but the problem is that there are way too many cars in this city and not enough places that you can put them. Of course there are even TV shows which focus on this, there was that episode of Seinfeld where he got in some juvenile feud with another guy over the parking space across the street. The two of them obsessing over it for some reason, but the reason is that it is a big deal.

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