Working on the Base at Fort Hood

I am working as a contractor for the army at Fort Hood. This is a huge place and I have not ever been in Texas before. So far the weather is pretty crazy, like it has been back home and most other places. I sort of dread the coming of the summer as it is already hotter than the inferno down here on the days when there is not any ice or hail. I have this little house, a rental place I got from searching the internet. Right now I am looking at for tips on saving energy. I am trying to figure out why the power bill is so high, especially since it is not really Texas hot just yet. Of course I am not even in the place all that much, so it is not like I could be using a lot of power for my own needs. So I am kind of thinking that maybe there is something wrong some place in the system. It just does not seem as though it could be using that much power.

I decided to turn the air conditioning off while I was gone, which is a great idea until you get back and it is hot to the point where you can not go in the house without passing out on the spot. Of course they do make heating and cooling systems that you can control by your smart phone or entire houses that are smart enough to know when you are about to come home. That is pretty much what I need, because I am not in the house more than ten hours out of each day. It does not do me much good for it to stay nice and comfortable during that time, but it takes a while for it to get there from a dead start.

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