Why You Need Quality ATV Chains

Bestway Premium Air Bed with Sidewinder AC Air Pump – Next Day ...Whether you ride your ATV for work, play or both, choosing the right atv chains can make all the difference when it comes to the performance of your bike. Your chain is the lifeblood of your machine; at best, a worn-out or poor quality chain will leave you stranded on the trail and spending countless hours readjusting the tension, while at worst, a sudden chain failure will cause serious (read: expensive) damage to your ATV.

A high-quality primary drive chain will hold up to whatever punishment you can dish out, ensuring you spend less time in the shop and more time riding. Economy chains are priced low for a reason; these budget parts are prone to stretching and can often break prematurely, while quality chains can often last the lifetime of a bike.

When choosing a chain for your bike, take a close look at the tensile strength rating; in general, the higher the tensile strength of a chain, the longer it will last and the more shock and stress it can withstand. Many recreational riders make the mistake of buying a low-end chain, believing that the expensive chains with the high tensile ratings are only meant for hardcore riders and pros. In fact, a quality chain will improve the riding experience and enjoyment for any level of ATV rider through improved engine function and increased reliability of their machine.

For competition riders who are fanatical about achieving maximum performance while maintaining the lightest possible machine, high-end racing chains deliver optimal race day performance without adding excessive weight. These premium American-made ATV chains are available in a wide range of tensile strength ratings with an incredibly narrow profile, providing the perfect solution for riders with modified machines where clearance is an issue. Pro-style chains are also designed to withstand rock strikes, minimize drag and optimize lubrication throughout the drive system.

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