We Use Our Large Glass Shower Enclosure to Bath Our Big Dogs Too

We went to those home supply centers that have examples of their products set up. We found a beautiful Italian tile for the bathroom that was on sale for a low price. We figured we would tile the floors and halfway up the walls with a matching tile. I liked the light color with the dark streaks. We looked at shower stalls but could not find something big and nice. We decided to choose from a place that does glass shower enclosures in Essex County NJ. It was a good decision. Instead of a closed in shower stall that has limited room, we had a custom shower built that is big enough to fit me, my wife and our three dogs. Not that we shower with the dogs. I’m just saying it to give an idea of how big the shower is.

I like everything about the new shower. It lets the light in, it is big enough to be able to enjoy a high-flow rainfall type shower head. We even have two overhead shower heads in it and an additional shower wand. It has a tiled bench to one side where a lady can sit and shave her legs, or you can sit and just relax under the flowing water. And, for full disclosure, we do use it to bath the dogs. They are too big for a bathtub. I sit on the bench and use the shower wand with the long handle to clean them up. It sure is a multi-purpose shower enclosure.

The size of it makes it the most useful. Our one dog is not too cooperative at bath time so it takes two of us to keep him from avoiding the water. I scrub while my wife holds him. It was a tough task before we got our new custom shower enclosure that we all can fit into. Our friends and neighbors call it a Roman Bath. It is not that extravagant, nor was it that expensive. It just has a lot of room. Much better than a cramped tub with a shower head and shower curtain.

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