Tree Pruning Again for Spring

I am sure glad that winter is over, even if we did not have that bad of a winter by our normal standards. Sometimes I think that I would like to live in a warmer climate, but at the same time, I know I would never go through with it because this is my home. So I am going to check into tree pruning in Queens county, NY as this is the time of year that I usually get this sort of thing done. I know that I am going to get the trees pruned and I also want to do a few other things. I should be able to do everything else to my yard that I have planned, besides from getting the trees pruned. I will have a contractor do that part and I will do the easier work.

My trees do not look too bad, since they were last pruned, but I really think it could help out with the overall appearance of my yard anyway. There are a couple of trees that are growing too close to the house that definitely need to be pruned either way, and I just want most of them to be kept to a manageable size. Besides, when the trees are pruned and they have less branches, then that means they will grow less leaves. Less leaves means that I will have less of a mess to pick up at the end of the year when all of the leaves fall off of the trees agin. I haven’t even really paid attention to whether most of the trees already have leaves on them again or not. I assume that they do have leaves, because it is April after all, but I am not completely sure so I am going to go take a look.

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