The Legion of Long Hair

Being in a home with multiple people who have long hair hasn’t been much of a picnic, especially when I have to clean the bathroom. All of my roommates have hair that goes down to the middle of their backs. They all look like they belong to a rock band. When they bathe, their hair gets stuck in the drain. Normally a little bit of drain cleaner will take care of the hair, but one time the drain became so clogged that we needed professional drain cleaning in Rockland County NY. Since we didn’t notice the clog until night time, we had to wait until the next day to call, and we all had to bathe in the sink.

The next day we were able to reach a plumbing company and they sent a plumber to our home to look at the drain. The plumber stuck a snake down the drain and twisted it around a few times until the hair loosened up and pulled right out. The hair looked like something that a cat would have coughed up. After the incident, I had a talk with my roommates about their hair. I suggested that they might want to cut it, but this idea didn’t go over well with them.

After more discussion, we came to a compromise. My roommates decided not to wash their hair while taking a shower. Instead, they would wash their hair separately and then get rid of any excess hair that sheds away. This cut back greatly on the clogs that happened in the shower. A bottle of drain cleaner used to only last for nearly a month, but now it lasts for months. I still think it would be a better idea for them to simply cut their hair, but I guess I’ll have to take whatever victories I can get.

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