The Dishes of No Return

My home has been on the verge of total war. It’s the dishes versus the dirt, the grime versus the mold and me against it all. I am not prepared to combat this sort of mess! I thought I could handle living on my own. I thought I would be able to make time for the sort of responsibilities which are necessary to have a house of your own but I have quickly realized that the amount of time that I’m sinking into work is not going to allow this. I hired a house cleaner in Westchester County NY to come and save me instead.

It’s not like I was going to give up my home just because I’m unable to find the time to clean. Right now, this is my life. I have to take it in stride. I’m willing to pay the extra monetary costs if it means that I get to focus on the work at hand while having my home clean. What really finally set me off was the inability to find a single clean dish. I was so hungry and I just wanted to heat up some food. I spent a good half hour searching through cabinet after cabinet in the desperate hope that I would find one.

I didn’t. It was miserable to stand there looking at this unholy pile of dishes stacked higher than the depth of the sink, teetering like some disgusting leaning tower of yesterday’s dinner. That’s when I realized this was completely ridiculous and that there was no way that I could allow myself to continue living in this sort of environment. It was a good change that I made and I have felt more at ease at home than I have for the last month and a half. It’s a wonderful feeling.

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