Texas Holdem Hand Rankings

If you are playing the game of Texas Holdem poker online or at your home, it is beneficial that you know your Texas Holdem hand rankings.

The individual cards are ranked in this game. The Ace is the highest card while King is the next in value and Queen and Jack follow King in order. Ace is a complicate card because it can be the highest as well as the lowest card in game. When the Texas hand that you get is straight, you will see that this card becomes very helpful.

As in all poker games, here too the 5 cards are considered the best hands. In this game, you will find no “tie breaks”. Hence, you need not worry about your sixth card thinking that it will be used to break the tie between two players. Ranking of suits does not exist here. All the suits here are equal in this game. If two players are in the same position, the pot is divided between them.
Best Texas Holdem hands in descending order are:

1. Straight Flush: In these five cards that are consecutive, the suit is the same for all. The best straight flush that is possible is Royal Flush. This flush is made of “Ace, King, Queen, Jack and other ten cards of the same suit”.
2. Four of a kind: this consists of four cards from the same rank and another fifth card.
3. Full house: this consists of three cards of the same rank and the other two cards are a pair of cards. If a case comes up that two or more players have full house then the player who has the highest ranking cards wins the game.
4. Flush: this consists of five cards, all from the same suit. Flushes are always ranked from top to bottom. If more than two players have Flush then the game becomes tie.

Straight: this consists of five sequential cards. In this case, the cards should not be from the same suit. Ace can have a high as well as a low value in Straight.
6. Three of a kind: this consists of three cards all of the same rank while the other two cards can be any cards. When a player is playing the game of Texas Holdem, then two or more players can have three of a kind. In this case, there will be two “kicker” cards that will determine who wins the game.

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