Replacing Lost Paystubs Was Easier Than I Thought

I tear off my paycheck from the paystub and deposit it at my bank. I usually put the stubs above the car’s visor, and they make it into the house to sit on my desk until I eventually file them. However, I do lose some on occasion being lazy about taking them into the house. My kids have used them for writing a note down while in the car, and I heard that one of the kids used one to pick up a little gift our chihuahua left on the backseat floor. I needed a paystub generator to fill in some blank spots for a one month period that was being used to confirm my income. After all, I would not even have attempted to preserve the one used to pick up the dog’s mess even if I could retrieve it from the trash. Needless, to say, I am much more diligent now about filing my paystubs appropriately and promptly.

The income confirmation was to prove how much I made for a one month period in order to get a break on some household needs. I offered my tax return and even a signed affidavit of income, but the company wanted paystubs. I could not produce the originals, so I made new ones. It was easy to do, and I used real numbers. No one was being taken advantage of. I had no idea how valuable the paystubs actually are. Like the rest of the working world, I only saw real value in the actual paychecks that get turned into cash for my family, not the tally of year-to-date earnings and withholding. I used a paystub generator that I put my company name into and the pay amounts including the taxes. That was all the proof I needed, and it was 100 percent verifiable if anyone would question it.

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