Perfect for the Retired Golfing Fanatic

The bad thing about retiring is you don’t have the money to play golf all the time. The equipment and the clothing costs too much. Thank goodness my wife invested some of our funds in discount Ogio mens golf shirts in order for me to still hit the links. Everyone goes on and on about how retiring means you can spend virtually all of your time on the course having fun with your friends and family. Without discount attire, however, such a thing wasn’t possible for me. I didn’t have what you would call a high paying job for most of my life, so my savings don’t allow me to splurge on high priced items.

I was aware I could purchase discount items online, but didn’t really feel good about doing so. I thought I would look cheap and unpresentable to my golfing buddies. Even though I’m retired and living on a strict budget, I still want to look nice and look as though I’m living above my meager savings. Discount Ogio mens golf shirts are one way I can accomplish this and still look stylish on the course and in the clubhouse after the game is over.

With some trepidation I donned a shirt and headed out for a game on an early Saturday morning. Imagine my surprise when a couple of my friends complimented me on my choice of a shirt. Not only did they remark on the look, they said the quality was great. One of them badgered me about where I got them because he wanted to go out and pick up a few for himself and for his son, who is also into golf in a big way. Nothing makes you feel better than to hear such kind words. Even men can be suckers for compliments on their clothing and I’m no different.

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