My Boss Had a Standoff with a Goose

I have just got back from a meeting with my boss. He was really mad and at first I thought that I had done something to cause his bad mood. Of course I am not the one who tried to stop him from getting to his car yesterday evening. That was a male goose or a gander, apparently they are rather territorial and people tell me they are quite mean. At any rate he wants me to figure out who does a good job of Canada geese control in NJ. Obviously this is not the usual request, but I looked around and I found some guy who was willing to do the job. I was wondering how you did it really and how you keep the geese from coming back. I am sure that you could kill them or at least fire off a gun at them, but neither of those things is legal at our street address. I guess that you could shoot the geese if it was in hunting season, but not around here. It is not legal to fire a gun off inside the city limits and we are at least five miles from any place that you could legally shoot a gun. I suppose that in reality you could safely fire a shotgun so long as it was not loaded for bear. Buck shot or deer slugs are going to travel a long way, at least a hundred and fifty feet I would guess, That would clearly be dangerous. However if the shotgun shells are loaded with birdshot or something of that sort you could probably risk shooting it. The range is probably no more than half as far as a serious load and bird shot would have to hit you in a really vulnerable spot to do much damage.

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