Moving in with a Couple of My Friends

I am not so sure it is a great idea, but I am going to move into the house my friend Carver got from great grandmother. It is a really big place, but it is not in the best of shape and no one much cared about her leaving him the house. Of course Carver has a house, but he has no money really. He is working at a steak house as a cook and in time they will probably catch him raiding the meat locker. I have to find a list of cheap internet service providers right away, because I need to have some internet for school. I am going to school and working at an office for a friend of my Uncle Jack’s.

I am a long way from a computer expert, in fact that is what I am trying to learn how to be one. However in this instance I am close enough. They need some basic computer support and I can set up a network and keep it running, but with difficulty. It is not like I am making the kind of money I want to make, but I can afford to pay my own bills and I have been saving up money to get a new pick up truck. Right now I have an old 1988 Ford F 150 short bed with a lot of rust and an extraordinary thirst for gas. Of course I am not going to be in a big rush to spend the money on a truck, because I am likely going to drive this truck until the day that it does not go any more. My Dad gave it to me when I turned 16 and the two of us have owned it since it was new and I probably keep it after I get a new one.

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