Looking at the Different Rate Plans

I wanted to find out what some of the different energy plans are for my area, so I went to txuenergyplans.com since TXU Energy is my energy provider. I wanted to know more about the different kinds of plans because I was not sure I wanted to stay with the fixed rate plan, which is what I had signed up under when I first became a customer. When I went to their website, I was able to learn about the three different types of electricity plans, and the explanations for each one just had it all making so much more sense to me.

There is the fixed rate, which is what I was on. This means that for however long the plan is that I am on, my rates will not changed, they are fixed. There are different lengths of term agreements, ranging from three months up to 24 months. I was on the 12 month plan, and I saw where my bill was going to go down a bit if I renewed it for another 12 months. I was wondering if it would have been better for me to just not be on a fixed plan if it meant I had been paying more than others who were not on this kind of plan.

There are two other plans. One is indexed electric plan, and the other is the variable rate plan. The variable can be anything from month to month. If the price of gas drops drastically, my bill is going to drop drastically too. On the other hand, if gas goes up by a lot, I am going to end up paying a lot more too. It is a gamble, but it is one that can pay off if trends remain the same. I saw that TXU did not offer this type of plan, and that actually made me glad. I am not much of a gambler, and it did frighten me that my bill could double! That is why I am still on the fixed rate plan!

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