Leaving Singapore in Time for Thanksgiving

Barcelos Imóveis: Palhoça - Duo Residence (Montesiro)I am almost done with my job here in Singapore. I am not sure how long it will actually take me to make it home, because I plan on taking my time making it home. I have made some good money on the contract I signed and when I get the crew taken care of I intend to do some travel. It is not like I am going to find myself in this part of the world any time soon.It is just something I lucked into really, a nice fat contract working for a subcontractor on the duo residences project. They needed someone with my skills in networking, because they are going to have a whole lot of fiber optics run through this 21 story building.

They were behind on that part of it when I signed on and I talked them into paying me incentives to get the project on track for them. Of course that is just a matter of putting enough man hours into the job. I had to train some people.

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