Just Got Down to Yuma

Nissan Frontier 2006 | Autos800.comI just got to Yuma a few days ago, started working before I even unpacked the rental trailer I pulled down here from Las Vegas and I am living within sight of the Colorado River almost. You walk about fifty yards from my back door and you are on the lip of the river valley. I have my mattress out the truck and I laid it down in my living room, unpacked my TV and my laptop, managed to get arizona internet from fronteir on my lunch hour the other day. The guy was getting ready to leave when I came in there and I was looking behind me too. I was pretty sure I had been spotted by a Yuma city police officer, but if he saw me it did not make me follow me into the apartment parking lot.

I am going to have to get my air conditioning fixed so that it works a lot better though.

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