I No Longer Have an Ant Problem

When I found an ant on my kitchen counter at home, I did not think much about it. I just took care of it on my own, thinking it was a one time deal. That was not the case though, and I learned why after I had to contact an exterminator in NYC to help me with the ant problem that was getting worse by the day. He told me that when a single ant walks, he leaves a scent for other ants to follow when he finds food. Even though I live in an apartment, they are still able to find their way in because of that scent that is left by the one ant.

I learned more about ants than I ever thought I would know because of this ordeal. They are fascinating insects once you learn about them, and extremely resilient in their desire to live and contribute to their colonies. I just could not have them living with me, which is why I contacted the exterminator to come help me. What I really appreciated was their overall approach to the situation. Rather than just getting rid of the ants inside, they treated outside too to ensure they would not return.

I did not want to kill off colonies of ants, which is why I was happy that they did what they did. I can respect their space if they respect mine, which is what the exterminator ensured would happen by blocking their attempts to get back into my apartment. I never realized how easy it is for them to get in once they smell that scent that is left, so I was happy that all of their entry points were treated so they would not go near them. I no longer have an ant problem, and that makes me very happy!

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