I Lucked out with This Very Helpful Company

As a single mommy to two kids, I am always worried about making ends meet. I have taught my kids that they need to be really good about taking care of things in the house because if something breaks, we may not have the money to fix it. So, it was frustrating when I found out that I needed sewer cleaning in Bronx NY recently. But I knew that I needed to do something because you cannot live in a house with two children and have no running toilets that work properly.

The place that we live in has low rent, but it is very old. That is just one of the reasons that we try to be careful, too. When you have a place made with older materials, they are often more fragile and prone to needing to be replaced. When some things need to be repaired, I can do it myself or I can just leave it be without much trouble. But that is not the case with sewer troubles.

I must have tried about four different brands of drain cleaner that I found at a store nearby. I even went back to the store to ask if I was using them wrong, because they were not helping at all. That is when the store employee told me that I probably had a bigger issue than I realized and that I needed to call a professional drain company. This was disheartening to hear.

When I called someone to show up, they had mentioned on the phone that they were one of the most inexpensive companies in town that did this sort of work. I was hoping that would be right. They really did give me a really low quote, but considering that I am pretty close to broke, I broke down crying. The man was kind enough to tell me they would give me three months to pay, and then he went ahead and did the work right then for me.

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