I Got an ADT System when the House Down the Street Got Burglarized

When the neighbors’s house down the block got burglarized, I called a local adt installer to get an alarm system for our house. I was not aware of how far alarm systems for homes have advanced in the last few years. The technology is incredible, and they do not have to tear up the walls to put in the sensors. All of the technology for home alarm systems now also comes in wireless versions.

The sensors are really neat. Each one is powered by a very long life lithium CR123 battery. The battery in each sensor, including the smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, lasts for many years before needing replaced. They are easy to replace too. Just pop open the sensor and pop in a new battery. Did you know that the battery powered wireless sensors are also tamper proof? If you open the housing to take out the battery, it sends a signal to the main alarm panel. If the system is armed, it will sound th alarm. If it is not armed, it will beep. If someone would remove a battery, the alarm panel will tell you if it is not receiving a signal from that sensor when you try to arm the system. They are quite advanced.

The system also integrates all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If a detector in the basement goes off, you will hear it even if you are in an upstairs bedroom because it sets off the main alarm siren, not just the single detector. You can also see at the alarm panel what sensor has been tripped. This way you know if it is fire, carbon monoxide or intrusion that set off the alarm. The really cool thing is that the prices have gone way down. Many basic systems are free with free installation when you sign up for a low cost monitoring contract. Our house now has every door and window protected.

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