How the Choice to Buy Instagram Likes Got Me Up to Speed with My Competitors Faster

Just a couple of years ago I would have told you there is no use for Instagram for any business. I would also have been wrong. I was not an early adopter of the social media platform, and now I am playing catch up. This is why I am buying buy Instagram likes now. I saw a book store that is a competitor to me using Instagram. I would never of thought how my type of business could use it for marketing. They had an ingenious idea.

They have a website and asked those who are part of their email list to send an Instagram pick of the books they bought labeling it with a hashtag of their business name. They got a huge response. The social media buzz then developed new customer leads for them. I was very wrong about my impression of that social media platform being used successfully to promote my business. Now I am in with both feet. However, being behind the curve on this social media opportunity puts me in the position of needing to buy Instagram likes to get my stuff promoted by the algorithm the system uses.

If I would wait for a natural promotion from the system of what I post, I would consistently stay behind my competitors. This is why I go ahead and buy Instagram likes. The system sees my posts as gaining in popularity then they go ahead and take over by promoting my stuff using their own system. It is just how stuff works in all social media. If you are trending popular, the built in detection and promotion process sees you and puts you out there for more to see. This is the whole reason why buying likes and followers works to your advantage if you do it the right way.

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