He Fixed a Clogged Drain

When my shower water would not go down, I thought it was just a simple clog. I used the same thing I have successfully used in the past for a clogged drain, but it did not help this time. I knew that something serious was wrong when the water didn’t even budge, so I contacted a plumber in Morris County NJ who was able to come out that same day. It is the only shower that we have in the house, so I knew that it needed to be fixed quickly.

The plumber was able to determine what the problem was pretty fast because of a drain camera that he used. He could see exactly what the clog was, and he had tools that he was able to use to dislodge what was stuck. It ended up being a mixture of goop including hair, a small toy, and some leaves that had somehow found their way down the drain. It all combined to create this super thick blob that basic drain clogging chemicals could not break up. It did not take him long at all to get the water to go down though.

He did tell me that it looked like there was some damage in the pipes, and he was concerned that the cracks were going to make the entire drain fail soon. I knew that we were going to have to invest some money into having this fixed, and he was able to give me a very affordable estimate on what it would cost us. Since it needed done and it was affordable for us, I set up an appointment for him to replace the pipes that were damaged too. I wasn’t expecting that to happen, but I feel good knowing that a professional is fixing it, and we will not have to worry about this again!

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