Great in Home Care for Seniors

My dad is getting up there in years, and I am worried that he is no longer competent to take care of himself. I know that he struggles with a lot of things, and I do not feel comfortable with him driving. I think that he has given up driving though. Anyway, I would like to start to look into senior home care in brooklyn ny right now, and try to figure out how much it will cost for me to do something like that. I know that it is the best thing to do in this situation, I just hope that I can actually afford it. It would be a very nice thing to do to my father. He has refused to live in a retirement home, or whatever you would like to call it, and he has done so repeatedly. Pretty much, he would rather die than move out of his house, and I do not see what can be done to change his mind. As such, I guess I do not have much of a choice, and I have to try to see if I can hire some sort of in home care for him. He definitely needs to be monitored, and to have some assistance, while he is living at home. Otherwise, there is no telling what could happen to him. It has been a few years, but he has already had a near death incident that involved a fall in his home, and I have been so scared that something like this would happen again. It has not happened so far, but he did get sick recently, and it really took its toll on him. He has lost a lot of strength, and that is the main reason why I worry so much for him right now.

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