Custom Mirror Lights Up Reflections So You Can See What You Are Doing

Every remodeling job is a custom job. No two rooms are exactly the same. Sure, we are all probably buying similar cabinet brands and tile products, but it is how we put them together to make a room that makes it uniquely ours. Our new bathroom came with a custom built large vanity and granite countertop with undermount sinks. One for him and one for me. Mornings are busy. We topped it of with a mirror we got from a place that builds custom mirrors in Brooklyn. It is stunningly beautiful with its lighted frame.

There was nothing like it available on the market. All we could find was basic glass mirrors in pretty basic frames. We could pick off the rack with wood, steel or plastic frames. Our custom mirror frame comes with its own built in LED lighting. It lights up our faces nicely. My husband, ever the comedian, says it is so much easier now to see those nose hairs needing trimmed. I told him I didn’t think it was a problem for him before. He says that he was not talking about himself. That was when I punched him on the arm. Hard too!

Regardless of his attempts at being a funny man, we both do like the new mirror and lighting. If you do want to check your nose hairs, there is plenty of light to do that. Yes, I see every wrinkle, spot and blemish now. That is okay. It lets me be able to cover them up before walking out of the house. What worth is a mirror unless you got great lighting to see your reflection? Our old bathroom had the overhead light that was the brightest. It made shadows on your face when you looked in the mirror. This custom mirror lights up your front so you can see what you are doing with your reflection in it.

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