Choosing Bottled Water and the Water Cooler That is Best for Home Use

We decided that bottled water was actually better for us than what was coming out of the faucet. We did not make a decision based on marketing or fear. We actually took samples of our own water at the faucets and had it thoroughly tested. We also bought bottled water from different companies and had it tested. Our faucet water had levels of contaminants we were not happy with so we got bottled water and the water cooler dispenser that is best to dispense it. This was after we checked out several bottled water companies first.

The levels of contaminants in our faucet water as well as the different bottled waters was all within federal guidelines and limits. However, do you think dangerous chemicals at any amount are safe for your children? We did not think so either. Sure, we could not control their water intake everywhere they went, but we could do it at home. Figuring up the amount of time at home and the meals and beverages we consume here, the bulk of our intake was at home. This makes sense then to make sure we have pure water at home.

We picked to have bottled water delivered from the bottled water company that had the purest water. We even checked out their facility to learn how they filter the water they sell. At home we then got a very nice water cooler to dispense it. Picking the water cooler dispenser that is best for home use actually gave us a lot of options. Ours dispenses hot, cold and room temperature water. We like it a lot. The hot water is nice for making tea or hot cocoa. The cold water is great on a hot day. The room temperature water is used for cooking and for my husband who does not like drinking cold water.

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