Changing the Landscape of the Industry

With Direct TV in Berwick finally coming to the area, it’s no surprise that so many of us residents are making the decision today to switch over. We’ve had enough of digital cable and the poor cable infrastructure that has never been upgraded in the area. Satellite is going to quickly outpace the technology provided by these poor digital cable companies if they don’t do what Google and Verizon are doing by upgrading their networks to offer faster speeds and competitive prices to match the speeds. Few digital cable providers who are both television and Internet providers are capable of matching what Google and Verizon are doing. They are changing the landscape of the industry while Cox, Comcast and Time Warner sit back and allow it to happen around them. No doubt that they believe by merging (Comcast and Time Warner) they will be able to have enough stock and cash to compete against Google. Unfortunately for them, they do not realize the scope of the giant that they are up against.

Google is directly challenging these companies into providing a higher quality service. Happier Internet customers, and more consumers with the Internet, means even more money for Google. This is exactly why Google has begun their Google Fiber venture into several cities, utterly revolutionizing the way that business can be done in those cities while the residents themselves get some of the highest speeds for the best prices in the country. The rest of us without Google Fiber have to sit back and look on it with envy however. I’m hoping that they will soon come to the area but I doubt that they will; with their need to have a government sponsor backing their project each time they come in, I have doubts our community will ever be able to make this happen.

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