Best Hotels in Cody Wyoming

I had a really bad case of hay fever last week. It was about as bad as having the flu, but it lasted longer. It was quite debilitating. I am not sure what the scientific name for that type of illness is. But anyway, I am glad that i am feeling better now, because I am planning a trip to Cody, Wyoming in the near future. In order to make arrangements for my trip, I need to figure out some information on Cody Wyoming hotels and see how much it is going to cost. I do not think it is going to cost a whole lot to stay at a hotel in the city, because Wyoming doesn’t have a very high cost of living, and therefore, it seems like it should be a lot cheaper to rent a hotel there in general.

At least cheaper than it would be to rent a hotel at somewhere with a higher population and stuff. Still, I am not trying to knock Cody, because it is a pretty awesome area, and I have been a number of times. This time is going to be special though, because I am bringing along my family for the visit. I think that it is going to be special, and more than that, I think that my kids will really enjoy the stay. I think it is always special when you get share something you like with your kids.

I can’t remember the name of the hotel that I stayed at last time I went there, and for all I know, it might not even be open anymore. I could probably figure it out if I had a phone book, or maybe, since I am on my computer, I would just use the internet. Not sure if they would have a website or not though.

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