A New Idea for Energy

Without a doubt, I have found Texas to be the easiest place to find electric companies in Fort Worth, TX. Thanks to Texas have plenty of natural resources, as well as the land to put renewable resources to good use, the residents here can count themselves lucky that they are able to have a choice between different companies. When I was living in Kentucky we quite literally only had a single company that we could choose for our power. To me, it was normal to not have a choice or to be stuck paying only a single rate that they decided.

When I moved to Texas I was kind of blown away that I was actually able to choose between the varying companies with each of them having their own prices. It was great since being on a budget it means that I have to watch my money pretty tightly, unfortunately. At least this way I was able to choose a company that was the cheapest possible. Energy, unfortunately, is never going to be cheap until we’re embracing renewable sources which will most likely not be for quite a long time. What we really need to do is build homes that are capable of generating their own power!

With homes that are capable of becoming self-sustaining or even generating a surplus of power, there would be no need to centralize the grid. Homes that are tiny power plants in their own right would change the entire economy for the better. If we’re able to harvest the energy that every resident in the country or every building in the country produces, just imagine the source of surplus we would have for multiple industries! We’re no doubt a long way from that but I imagine sooner or later we’ll be able to reach that goal.

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