Putting Together a New Website for Home Listings Was Easy with a Little Help

After working hard in my career selling real estate for 20 years, I decided that it was time to run open my own company as a broker. I no longer had the luxury of listing all of my homes that I sell on the corporate website belonging to the company I used to work for, so it was up to me to get things going on my end myself. A buddy of mine said I should just use some real estate website templates online to get the job right, but I wanted to learn how to do everything from scratch.

After a quick trip to the bookstore, I came home with a few books that would help me to learn how to make a great web page. But what I did not understand is that it is a lot harder than it looks. I assumed that I could learn how to do it quickly enough to have my own site up within a weekend. I began reading through the first book on a Friday night. Continue reading “Putting Together a New Website for Home Listings Was Easy with a Little Help”

Best Hotels in Cody Wyoming

I had a really bad case of hay fever last week. It was about as bad as having the flu, but it lasted longer. It was quite debilitating. I am not sure what the scientific name for that type of illness is. But anyway, I am glad that i am feeling better now, because I am planning a trip to Cody, Wyoming in the near future. In order to make arrangements for my trip, I need to figure out some information on Cody Wyoming hotels and see how much it is going to cost. I do not think it is going to cost a whole lot to stay at a hotel in the city, because Wyoming doesn’t have a very high cost of living, and therefore, it seems like it should be a lot cheaper to rent a hotel there in general.

At least cheaper than it would be to rent a hotel at somewhere with a higher population and stuff. Still, I am not trying to knock Cody, because it is a pretty awesome area, and I have been a number of times. Continue reading “Best Hotels in Cody Wyoming”

The Source of Cheap Internet Plans

I want to get my hands on a cheap internet plan because I will tell you what, I have internet right now, and it is anything but cheap. Rather is it quite the opposite of cheap and that really bothers me. I do not have enough money to continue paying such prices, and that is why I need to find something that is better. I really do not want to stick with my current provider for another month and have to pay the obscene bill again at the end of the next month. So the sooner I can switch, the better it will be for me in terms of how much money I am able to save.

I need to save as much money as I can these days, because living ain’t easy when you don’t have a good job. I am not making as much money at this point in time, as I thought I would be. Really, if you go back into the past about five years ago and you asked me how much money I thought I would be making 5 years down the road from now, I would have probably said something ridiculous compared to what I am actually making.

But hey, that’s life, and I am not complaining too much. I Just need to do what it takes to put food on the table, and that means not spend too much money on my bills. So yeah, this current plan has to go, and I need to find something. I mean, even if I did have a good job right now, I still would not keep my current plan, because it is just more money than anyone should charge for cable service. I am nto even getting a very fast internet connection in my house with it.

Reviews of Xfinity Home Security

I just hopped on the internet with the hopes of reading a Xfinity review to see what the deal is. I hear that they offer home security now, and I had not realized that before. Kind of cool, but I need to know first. I recently became someone in the market for a home security system. I never thought it t was necessary before, but some recent events have changed my thoughts on the matter. I guess it started last week when I was at home, on my lunch break from work, making myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in order to save a bit of money.

I was standing there in a kitchen, and I heard sirens, and before I knew it, there were probably 6 police cars racing down my road. Continue reading “Reviews of Xfinity Home Security”

Some Areas Have It Rough

Some areas of the country have it rough when it comes to choosing the right internet service provider or even to find one at all. States out in the mid west have it especially rough because there really aren’t that many companies servicing those low population areas. So they often times end up with dsl which is by no means a terrible service, but it’s not as great. But if you are looking for Arkansas DSL then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind and the first of which is that speed does not really matter. On a traditional network speed is everything, but when you use dsl then you have something else to think about. Continue reading “Some Areas Have It Rough”