Working on the House Again

We are going to try to get the house ready to move in before Winter. The location is really perfect for us. It is within walking distance of my office and it is going to be easier for me to walk to work than it would be to find a parking space on many days. It is like that most days. The guy across the street is a roofing contractor in Manhattan NY and he has a lot of guys coming in and out. They always manage to snag the good spaces and it is a pain for me to find one. There are places where you can rent spaces near the office, but they are all completely unreasonable about it. You are better off walking to work if it is a possibility.

In fact I could probably rent out the extra space in my drive way for a small fortune if i wanted to do it. Continue reading “Working on the House Again”

The Best Way to Get a Solid Contractor

At first glance, hiring a contractor may seem like a pretty simple task. Admittedly so, it should be easy to hire someone for a project at a set price. However, most times it does not really work like that and the details can get kind of fuzzy. For starters, it is quite rare to get a price set in stone before a project begins. Instead most contractors give an estimate because they simply do not know exactly how much work and material will be needed. This means hiring a trustworthy heating contractor in Bergen County NJ and other places is important, because you are relying on them to be fair with estimates and try to stay on budget.

The scary fact is that many contractors are not interested in doing a top notch job and would rather make some quick money off of an easy job, then move on. They often use low estimates to lure in unsuspecting customers and then tack on other charges and manipulate the estimate to cost more in the end. Continue reading “The Best Way to Get a Solid Contractor”

Shutter Companies in Orange County

I have shutters on my house right now, but unfortunately they are not in very good shape at the moment. The house that i live in is kind of old, and so I am doing some things to fix it up. Just last week, I put some new tiles for a new tile floor into the basement. It really looks nice, and I am surprised by how good of a job I did. So I am going to try to find a company that I will be able to use to go through to put the new shutters on my house.

I have already taken down some of the shutters that were on the house when I first bought. Continue reading “Shutter Companies in Orange County”